Special Diets

Seasoned & Dressed is proud to recognise that Special Diets are a very real and serious part of many people’s lives. In comparison to 30 years ago, when being a vegetarian was a very alien concept – today; we acknowledge that many Special Diets are based on serious concerns for many diners.

With this in mind, we try to provide a range of meals and offerings to meet most Special Diet requirements. We trust that you will understand that the majority of our recipes are for a minimum of 24 diners, so we provide Chef’s Choice Special Diets (as in our chefs choose your Special Diet), so please understand that we have to charge a fee if you need to choose just one or two of your own requested items.

Please be aware that we produce a large amount of catering, and therefore we cannot 100% guarantee complete absence of any traces of nuts, gluten etc.